Welcome to Lake State Realty!

We provide the ABC’s of real estate service to our clients: appraisal. brokerage. consulting.

When it comes to real estate, you need an experienced guide, welcome to Lake State Realty.

The territory can be confusing…and frightening. Are you ready to deal with hidden costs you do not see coming? Negotiate with skills you may not have? Make a decision without the advice of a real estate expert?

Despite the serious financial consequences of a real estate transaction, many people give little thought to choosing an agent. That is a BIG mistake!

The right agent–experienced, ethical, and committed to your success–can make all the difference–the difference now and five years down the road.

At Lake State Realty, we know this territory better than almost anyone. In business since 1991, we’ve spend over 25 years appraising and brokering real estate.  From home sales to commercial sales and leasing from land development projects to government contracts we’ve done it all. We are experts in real estate value.

When you choose us, you put our 25 years of deep knowledge, successful closings, and sterling professional reputation to work for you. We know how to guide you through any real estate transaction–and make you come out a winner.