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Are you seeking an ethical and fair appraiser to help you value your real property?

We are a team of some of the most fair and ethical appraisers out there. We complete appraisals and valuation services per various regulations, guidelines, and requirements. 

These are the states that we are licensed to practice appraisal here at Lake State Realty

We provide appraisal services for clients throughout the upper midwest. We are licensed in:

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We provide a vast array of real estate appraisal services including but not limited to:

  • Neutral appraisals
    • With or without a court order
  • Divorce or Dissolution appraisals
    • Including partnership dissolution
  • Eminent domain / condemnation or government acquisition appraisals
    • Full before and after reports
    • Uncomplicated acquisition reports
    • Valuation of full takings
    • Valuation of partial takings including various easements or fee rights
  • Easement valuations
    • Conservation easements
    • Scenic easements
    • Right of way easements
      • Permanent easements
      • Temporary easements
    • Drainage easements
    • Various utility easements
    • Below ground, surface, and air rights easements
  • Personal planning valuations
    • For estate purposes
    • Personal or corporate taxation purposes
    • Gifts
    • Inheritance
    • Donations
    • Acquisition or sales purposes
  • Litigation appraisals
    • Eminent domain / condemnation
    • Special assessment benefit analysis
    • Construction defects (deficiencies)
    • Partnership and marriage dissolution or divorces
    • Condemnation commissioner hearings
    • Neutral appraisal for court-ordered or agreed to by litigating parties
    • Ownership disputes
    • Encroachments
    • Timber trespass
    • Boundary disputes
  • Property tax appeal and abatement
    • Current, forensic, and retroactive appraisals to establish market value for property taxation.
  • Special assessment benefit analysis
  • Commercial and residential rental rate studies
  • Appraisal reviews
  • Expert witness testimony
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We have performed appraisals for many clients in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area and beyond!