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Gold Coast of White Bear Lake

Tips for Selling Your Home

What is public use or public purpose?

According to MN State Law Chapter 214 Section 2 Subdivision 11, “public use” or “public purpose”means: the possession, occupation, ownership, and enjoyment of the land by the general public, or by public agencies; the creation of a functioning public service corporation; or mitigation of a blighted area, remediation of an environmentally contaminated area, reduction of […]

Upper Harbor Terminal Development

Lino Lakes Market Update

Lino Lakes Market Update: Here are a few takeaway points from the last market update for Lino Lakes from May (data from the SPAAR Local Market Update for Lino Lakes – May 2016): The number of new listings increased in the month of May from 40 last year to 57 this year. The number of […]

White Bear Lake Homes – May Update

  Here are some quick facts about White Bear Lake homes for the month of May, 2016 from the SPAAR May Report on White Bear Lake: White Bear Lake homes sold for on average $229,250 up 19.7% from last year at $210,000. There is a sharp decrease of inventory of White Bear Lake homes, 55 […]

A Neutral Appraiser Provides Accurate Valuation to Fairly Divide Marital Equity

In divorce/dissolution cases, real estate tends to be the largest joint-owned asset.  Whether a homestead or other type of real estate, it is very important to both parties that there is an accurate valuation.  The use of a neutral appraiser can save a considerable amount of time and money and ultimately result in a mutually […]

Important Considerations for First Time Home Buyers

For most people, their home will be their biggest investment, yet many do not treat their home as an investment when they are going through the buying process.  With over 30 years of real estate sales background, I have observed that most people are making an emotional purchase, not an intellectual one. Buyers place improper emphasis […]