White Bear Lake, MN


White Bear Lake received its name after the following Native American legend.  In the legend a Sioux maiden fell in love with a Chippewa brave. The maiden happened to be the daughter of the Chief who was planning to go to war with the Chippewa. Upon learning about the impending war she went to warn her love.  The brave went to the Sioux village to ask for peace as well as the hand of the maiden. In order for the Chief to agree, the brave had to do a gallant deed.  Normally, the lovers rendezvoused on Manitou Island.  One time, as the brave approached the island to meet up with his love he saw, to his horror, a great white bear attacking her. The brave ran towards her rescue.  Once she was freed she dashed back to her village to alert her father and gather some tribesmen to help. When they returned he had sunk his knife into the bear; however, it was too late as they both collapsed – dead.  Slowly, the spirits of the brave and the bear rose from their bodies. Today, hundreds of years later, the spirits of the bear and the brave still wander the island eternally in search of one another.


Once a resort town, White Bear Lake is currently a Suburb of the Twin Cities that has a tight knit culture unlike anywhere else in the Twin Cities. From the bustling Marketfest every Thursday evening in the summer to the multitude of recreational opportunities available in and around the lake, White Bear Lake retains some of the resort town magic it once had.

Vital Information

White Bear Lake has a population of almost 25,000 as of the last census.


  • Marketfest every Thursday night from mid June through the end of July

Best Places to Eat

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